Monday, June 8, 2009

I don't think an apple will help....

Last night really sucked. The meds make me tired, yet give me insomnia, they also make my head pound and my face burn....nice. I went to bed and needed to get up at midnight for my meds...thankfully(?) the contractions were coming back so I had no problem getting up. Took the medication and within a half hour had the headache and was up until nearly 3 am. Finally fell asleep, got up at 7 to get the girls ready for school and then Gray and I are off.

First we need to drive to the hospital so I can get a shot...see what happens when you have negative blood and the hubby positive? Then we will probably kill a half hour at Wegman's, then go get the CSA, then home to get a few things done, then Brittan has dance tonight. I have to work work plus write a paper tonight...this is me taking it easy.

I also need to see my doctor tomorrow, and then a different doctor on Friday...that is three appointments in one week pending no emergencies. All I can hope is that my appointment tomorrow can be at a time when Ry can watch Grayson and that nothing major has changed.

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