Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long days and waiting games

It has been a long day, and tomorrow cannot come quick enough. The kids and I started off OK, but then Haven was acting up before we were set to leave for the movies, and that necessitated a big talk, and tears, etc. We got on our way, and headed to the movies. Moves was good, kids behaved, and I was very happy that I made them wear long pants and bring sweatshirts because it was really chilly again! After lunch, we headed to lunch, enjoyed that, stopped at the store where I bought them a few treats to have here since we are heading into being home a lot. Then we came home, and I explained that I am exhausted and need some down time.....it didn't happen. There were fights, and general bad choices, and messes made and then the mama had a breakdown. I had a breakdown so bad that we needed to wake Ryan up to come downstairs and deal with the children. I think the lats few days of him working OT, the dishwasher stress, the pregnancy, etc is just wearing me down. He is home tomorrow night through Friday night, works Saturday, then is off until Tuesday and works through Friday. He is switching schedules next week so it is a bit screwy! While I am happy that after tonight it should only be about 5 more work nights for him until the baby, I am so excited he will be here tomorrow. The house is very clean and orderly, but I need his help with a few more projects before the baby comes, and just having some back up for a few days will help.

Thursday I see the doc and I hope he will settle on a date for me. If the baby chooses to come on her own, she needs to do so tomorrow or Friday, or Sunday or Monday, or she needs to wait until after the 10th!

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