Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OB update

Saw the midwife today and we had fun identifying what position the baby was in. I won with head down in my right hip, butt on left side. She does go head down, head down in the evenings when I head to bed, but backs up some during the day. Midwife said hold the baby in one more week and we are good to go, but I am not worried about her staying put at this point. I really need her to stay until July 10th since Ryan has a huge switch over week at work from July 4-10th. I am going to try to convince the OB next week to do the amnio on the 13th and section on the 14th.....but normally they do scheduled sections on Fridays and that Friday is Brittan's birthday. Hopefully next Thursday we will have a more definitive plan, and I will be able to know when Teagan is joining us.

On another note, the midwife suggested again that I get my tubes tied during the section, but I just cannot bring myself to do seems so final, and slightly weird to end fertility while giving birth. I think I will wait a few months after she is born, and then if I am still sure we are done, I will go ahead with the Essure procedure.

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