Saturday, May 2, 2009

Parades and cleaning and spring

Yesterday I had a busy busy day! After dropping Gray at school I went to see my new cardiologist. He was very nice, and young, which I think helped. He was not stressed at all about the pregnancy and was fine with me birthing however my OB and I determined was best and he was OK with me having more children! Aside from needing to come back for an echo, it was totally painless. He also told me that if we ever get to a point where I need surgery, and right now that is a long way away according to him, we do not have to do open heart surgery and instead can try using an angioplasty...he is the first who said he would give that a go!

After that, I ran back, grabbed Gray from school and came back to get the girls and Ryan. We then headed up to my sister's house for the Fireman's Parade, and thankfully the weather cooperated and the rain stopped. The parade was fun, and the kids gorged themselves on junk food, then we drove back home.

Now I am getting ready to do the grocery store run,and we need to get some major cleaning done around the house. Hopefully Ryan and the kids will organize and vacuum the upstairs, I will work on laundry, and then I need finally finish the painting in the family room. I am tired of the messy house, and it is spring cleaning time!

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