Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So tired

This pregnancy is taking it's toll, or maybe it is the three kids, the house, the jobs, school, the garden, the errands and stress? In addition, the nesting is in full force, and while it feels great to be getting things done, I have a few looming dates to deal with. The first biggie is Haven's NINTH birthday in a few weeks! Gosh, where did the time go? There will be cookies to send in the Friday before for school, then on her real birthday we are heading to my sister's house. My parents will be there for my niece's recital, so we will all get together to celebrate Haven. Not sure what we are doing, but there has been talk of a petting zoo.

Haven's sleepover party will be the following week and she is beyond excited. She and her friends will make their own pizza, decorate mini cakes, do crafts, play Wii and watch movies.....and I will be very tired the next day!

Then there is the trip in June to Pittsburgh for work. My mom is coming to watch the kids and Ryan and I leave on Tuesday and come back Friday. It will be long days of meetings, followed by long nights of grading and work. Hopefully I will have all my school work done before we go so I am not strapped with that as well.

After the Pittsburgh trip, Haven is heading down to my parents for a few days. We have to figure out how I will pick her up, I am guessing we will meet halfway, but at near 36 weeks pregnant I am not looking forward to a seven hour car ride with my kids!

Oh now I see why I am tired!

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