Sunday, May 3, 2009


It can be difficult some days to slow down and enjoy the life we have built. Between work and school and activities and duties, the days just race by and it an be hard to see the small moments. I have been trying to enjoy, to slow down, to see and experience more. I decided that sometimes it is more important to say yes, even if it means more work later on.

The kids are a bit stir crazy due to the rain, so I let them use the easy bake oven for snack time, and then they played hide and go seek in the house. They are being good, and having fun, and I am loving that I get to see it.

I am a worrier, so it takes work for me to let go and loosen up. I am trying, and it seems to be more positive for the family. I am working on putting work away, and just trying to relax. I have started to cook foods for myself as well, so that I can eat and be comfortable. I am toning the dinners down, and while still homemade, they are less fancy and easier to make. Once the baby comes, these changes will help me settle into a routine with her, and give me the peace and time needed to sit and breastfeed.

In addition, I have said a few times before that we are doing better financially...even more so when I am at PT school. I have decided that this summer I will make it my goal to begin the search for a FT teaching position OR another online class, which will push us way past comfortable into a very good spot financially. Finally we are seeing the rewards of all of this hard work!

On the homesteading side of things, we are making great headway giving our suburban location. If we can get the financials in order in the next two years, I believe we will be able to purchase a large hunk of land as our future homestead...then it will have all been worth it!

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