Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watching the weather

So our berry picking plans may need to be put off if the weather can't cooperate. Today I have to tutor at 5:30 and Haven has riding, so I think I need to send Ryan with all the kids so I can make sure dinner is here and waiting when they get home and I can be on time to tutor. Also on the plan for today is Ryan promised to finish the painting for me and build the new furniture. I just want to get the room done so I can move on to other items. Probably while he gets some of the stuff done, Gray and I will run out to see the chiro since my lower back is sore.

If all goes well and it isn't too wet, we will go berry picking tomorrow after school. I really want to get a jump on the canning and have all my supplies here and ready to go, so I am getting a bit antsy. If I was smart, I would make Ryan go with me today and we could just hustle through, but the girls enjoy the picking and I don't want them to miss it.

Tomorrow is an OB appt, lovely glucose test. I am also asking for another sonogram just in case, and Ryan claims he is coming with me, but that would mean he would need to be up and ready to go by 8:30 so we will see if that happens.

Off to wake the beast and switch the laundry, I really need to grab a shower before heading out and Gray needs to dressed.

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