Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting excited

Today is the first pick up from the CSA for the season and I am so very excited. I love this time of year, and even though it has been very rainy, I have great hopes for our garden as well. The beans and squash all look fantastic, the cucumbers are ready to be put in the ground and the tomatoes, while still small, are growing. I am hoping to transplant cukes and tomatoes the end of the week and then fertilize with the organic fertilizer I found, maybe that will boost the tomatoes. The strawberries this year are producing, not a whole lot, but they are there and that is all that matters. Same goes for the blueberries, we have some berries and next year we should have even more!

I plan a quiet afternoon after getting Gray and the CSA...dinner will be lime cilantro chicken with brown rice and a fresh salad. I have a little work to do today, nothing unbearable, and I think I may even blow off the rest of the painting until tomorrow since it is almost done. I am about to run to the hardware store to grab a new ceiling thing, the one I have doesn't attach to the pole, and well, a seven month pregnant lady on a ladder is just a bad idea.

Off we go!

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