Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Monday

Tonight is the final exam for my Monday night class, and I have to say I am relieved. Walking all the way across campus is getting tough these days, and since it has rained, or better yet poured, almost every class the last month or two, I am done with that. I am also more tired these days, so getting home at 11 and not getting to bed until close to 1 is wearing on me. Wednesday's class also has their final this week, and then I am on summer break until September. I am looking forward to being home at night, it makes dinner and homework so much easier with the kiddos. Next term I really lucked out, teaching Wednesday nights and Friday afternoons, both nights Ryan is home, so he can command the troops and man the homestead. This is such a relief, especially with a new baby on the way.

Today is wet and dreary....again. I really want to get the squash in the ground, but think it will be too wet tomorrow for me to lug myself up the hill, plus I don't want Gray out in the mud. Maybe I will suck it up tomorrow and paint everything else I can in the family room...we will see how i feel. There is also the farm run this week, I have to check the calendar to see what day works best for that.

Off to watch a movie with Gray and then get ready for work.

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