Sunday, May 3, 2009

I hate delays

Seriously, I had planned to get the last bit of painting done, but when Ryan took off the other end of the curtain rod....the wall needs to be fixed! Seriously? Now I need to wait until at least Thursday for him to fix it before I can even think about painting, and that is making me crazy. This was the last BIG thing I had looming, and while I can paint everything but that one area, I fear that if I do that, it will never get done!

I hate big projects, and this should have been an easy one, but it is taking forever. Today I have much calmer plans now, being that the big projects have been put off. The kids enjoyed steel cut oats for breakfast with some of my canned apples. Lunch with be sandwiches with fruit and smoothies. I am making a quiche for myself to have in the house, I really like spinach quiche, so that is what I am making. Dinner is steak tacos, although I am rethinking the grilling since the weather is so wet.

This week is reasonably slow, so maybe I will get the squash in the garden since the seedlings are looking pretty big. The cukes are looking promising as well, and I want to start the lettuce and spinach. Ryan needs to prep the pots for the herbs, as those plants are getting bigger by the day, and the tomatoes will wait one more week before they are transplanted.

Laundry is getting under control, and within the next few weeks, I hope to have all the clothes moved around and sorted, necessary with a house full of kids.

On to make smoothies for the demanding littles!

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