Friday, May 15, 2009

No more whining

OK, so last night I was happens to the best of us. I came home, finished the painting, cleaned up from dinner and then locked myself away in my bedroom. It was a good idea.

Today was crazy as usual, dropped Gray off, ran to get a birthday present for one of Britt's friends, then off to the OB, then to get Gray, then to the farm, then home to drop milk, then off to the grocery store. I did really well on triple coupons too, $83 dollars of stuff for $37...woohoo! While at the farm, and being a gluten for punishment, I picked about 6 lbs of strawberries since the hubby was asking for fresh. I still need to get another 10 lbs or so to make jam, but at least everyone will eat well for a week or so, but now my back is really aching from the bending.

So now I need to work and write a paper, kids are getting leftovers for dinner. I am done with the housework.

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