Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday #1

Today marks a momentous day in this house, our oldest daughter turns 9! Where has the time gone, it seems like only yesterday she was a chubby little blond thing with huge brown eyes. Haven has been an interesting child to raise, and while she has faced a number of health challenges, she is a strong willed, smart, beautiful and thoughtful little girl. Her strength is dealing with the problems she has faced is awesome, I don't know any adults who could have taken the things she has faced and thoroughly accepted them for what they are.

I have seen her grow into herself more this year, and can see her true personality and desires coming through. While I wish the road had been smoother, she has taught me so much about what it means to love unconditionally. Our days are sometimes long and hard, as I try to help her grow into the best person she can be, but when it goes right, it is amazing.

Daddy and I love you Havey, your deep respect and concern for the world around you, and your desire to make it a better place, is truly amazing. You are the only child I know who could be more concerned with helping children who lost their beloved stuffed animals in Hurricane Ike than with the MRI you were facing that very day. You have a huge heart, and when you put all the pieces together as you grow into an adult I am sure you will change the world.

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