Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trying to live in the moment

For someone like me, a planner with OCD, it can be difficult to live in the moment. I am really trying, I think it will be better for me and the family, but it is a daily struggle. Things keep coming up to test me, like the fact that Ryan's car probably needs work....lots of work. I decided instead of freaking out or stressing, I would wait and see what happens. I know we could buy him a new car, but I really don't want to take on another car payment....but we will have to see. I am trying at least!

I am also trying to challenge our needs and wants. With so many people in the house, someone always has a need. This week, the kids all seem to have outgrown their underwear! I will be off to the store in a bit to gather new underwear for the masses, and hopefully some play sand for the sand box as well, I am trying to find more ways to entertain them at home.

Off to vacuum so Gray and I can run out!

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