Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stress and nerves and emotions running wild

So I am all over the place tonight! I had a really good day until I had to deal with stupid people at my company. Add to that the fact that I really want a new job and I am not a patient person when it comes to decisions like changing jobs and I made myself pretty unhappy this evening. It is tough to juggle the way I do, and while I love being home and around for the kids, it is hard to do all that they need, all that the house needs and all that my jobs need when everything overlaps. Ideally I would find something that either lets me work from home full time, but pays me enough to have a sitter come help a few hours a day or something where I only would go in two days a week. I also have this sense of urgency which I am sure is hormone related, not only am I nesting around the house, I am career nesting!

I really just want things to slow down and be less crazy so I can enjoy my life a bit more. That being said, I am seeing some of the benefits of all our hard work. Now if only I can get through the next two days of doctor's appointments without a mental break!

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