Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful green

Gray and I picked up the CSA share today, and as usual John outdid himself. Huge amounts and variety of lettuces, chinese cabbage, a stir fry mix which included broccoli and baby garlic, a large bunch of spring onions and kale. Last year we never knew what to do with kale, but this year we are trying kale chips. I am making some tomorrow for the kids to try, and I am pretty sure it will be an easy sell. Kale is so nutritious, I want to get them to eat it more so we can maybe grow it next year. All the greens have been washed, stemmed, and drained and it was a big task, we had a sink full. We will have a huge spring mix salad tonight and the spring onions will go into the chicken tonight and the stir fry mix will be tomorrow nights dinner, probably as a steak stir fry or possibly shrimp. Gotta love when the fresh foods dictate dinner!

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