Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today may be extra long is now 11:30 am and here is what has been done thus far. I have completely dumped my girl's room...I have been after them for weeks to clean it right, and today I finally just did it my way. Needless to say, the three huge bags of trash that came out will not make them happy when they come home. I also folded and put away all of the baby's clothes. The room is still technically a guest room since my parents are coming in June to watch the kids and again in July when the baby is born. I anticipate the crib will go up in the fall and I will remove the queen sized bed and put in a futon. I have done all of my work-work for the day. I did two loads of laundry, mostly sheets, and folded two loads of towels. I powerwashed....yes POWERWASHED the house and front walkway since I just could not take it anymore!

Ryan is at the store getting the big steam cleaner, and when her returns, I will steam clean the playroom and living room. He will be in charge of the stairs and the upstairs since it is more lifting than I should be doing. Still on the list...dishes, dinner, a paper, move the grownup clothes upstairs to be folded and put away tomorrow, mop the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, hang up the curtains and clean up the foyer. Maybe, just maybe, after this weekend I will begin to feel ready for the baby and my trip, and I can finally relax a bit.

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