Monday, May 18, 2009

Hoping for quiet

Hubby had to go in to work early, which makes for an extra long night for me and the kiddos. Thankfully it also means I can make an easy dinner for them and hopefully get everyone's homework done and them shuffled off to bed without any problems. My main concern is the paper I have to write tonight, mostly since I haven't started it, or really thought about it at all.

The day was beautiful, sunny and cool and just an all around nice day. They are calling for some frost, hopefully nothing here since my plants are still very small and tender. I really need to get out there tomorrow and get my organic fertilizer down, my plants really need it.

Otherwise, I am going to enjoy the fresh breeze blowing through my house and the happy sounds of two of my children playing, the other is still at brownies, while I finish making their dinner.

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