Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lovely sleep

Wow, I had a nice night's sleep! I am still up every few hours to pee, and I can only sleep on my sides because of the big ole belly, but I feel like the time in between was great last night. I was really tired, so when I went to sleep, I went right to sleep. I was up about every hour, but wow I slept deeply when I was asleep. We had some thunderstorms roll through around 5 am, listened to them for a bit, then back to sleep and the kids let me sleep until 8:30. I feel pretty rested, although my neck is sore from the way I need to lay, so I am putting a warm compress on it and I am sure it will loosen up soon.

Today I have two papers due, so I will try to get one done early. I also have a little regular work, plus vacuuming, dishes and laundry. I am hoping for a relatively quiet day with the kids, we have been so busy lately, we need a good day at home. The girls will need to help with laundry, their newest chore, so I am hoping for no fights or tears.

Now my biggest problem is dinner! I have some leftover BBQ chicken I made for the pizzas the other night. I may make a little more and put it and cheddar cheese inside puff pastry to make little pasties. Serve with salad or a veggie. Sounds yummy, and it is something different, guess we will see!

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