Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cool and rainy

I am so excited. Today is supposed to be cool and rainy all day, which is perfect since I just put the new plants in the garden yesterday. As long as we don't get a washout, which it doesn't look to be, a good old fashioned soaking should really help set everything. I also want to open the windows wide to let that cool, clean air in, so come on and start raining!

We have done really well keeping the air conditioning off this year, I think I ran it one day because it was so humid the floors were wet and I needed to dry the house out. I am hoping to make it a few more weeks before that electric hum returns to my home, and being pregnant, that says a lot about my hatred for paying for and listening to the air conditioning.

Today should be a good day. I will can the jam today...I have said that for a number of days, but I am committing today. I have some laundry to do, mostly the baby's clothes so they can be put away, and a little organizing in the family and living room. Tomorrow is Gray's preschool graduation, hopefully Ryan will make it to some of it, or at the very least make it to the party so I can go do my work call at 11. Such is the life of two working parents who juggle everything to be home for the kids, we don't always make it to everything together, but one of us is always there.

Then Thursday is steam clean day, the whole house is getting done and I am so excited, we need the carpets cleaned really badly. I am hoping we can pull the braided rug out of the dining room and give it a once over as well, but it need to be dry outside for me to do that, so we will have to see. If not, maybe Ryan can bring it in the garage and try to steam clean it a little, just to get the kid mess out.

Ok, off to hull, chop and crush berries. Canning will commence once the hubby gets home since I can't reach the canning pot:)

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