Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sunshine Day!

I woke early today. Usually when that happens, it is because of anxiety, but today I just woke up and felt good. I am not sure why the change, and to be honest, I am just happy to wake up hopeful. Maybe it is that I feel like I know where we are headed for the most part, or maybe we are getting closer to the baby and I feel content. Needless to say, I woke up, let the kids sleep and came downstairs to make some muffins. Haven has standardized testing beginning tomorrow, so I want to start the week well for her to limit anxiety, although she has no reason to be anxious, she has been acing the practice tests!

This week looks to be busy as usual for me, but yet I am ok with what needs to be done and when. Today is a normal Monday, drop all the kids, run to the chiro, then to the store, then home to do dishes, vacuum, etc before I need to get Grayson. Then Gray and I will head to grab the CSA which means we won't get home until after 1. Ryan has to work early, so I will make sure he has something for dinner, I need to push through some laundry and do a little grading. Tomorrow Gray and I will hand close to home unless the weather is so nice that I can't bear it, then we may head to the park for a bit. Wednesday is the great kid drop off again, then I have a sonogram in the afternoon so our sitter will come stay with Grayson so Ryan can come with me. Thursday morning is a trip to the pediatric cardiologist...again....and yes I am nervous to see what they find this time! While I am there, I am sending Ryan and Grayson to the farm to get milk and pick strawberries! Friday I need to send cookies in for Haven's birthday and then Ryan needs to pick Haven up early and take her to the neurologist.

Off to wake the beasts!

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