Thursday, May 14, 2009


OK, I just need to whine and complain. See, I am tired, mostly from having to do for other people what they could just do themselves. Did the painting get done? Nope. Is the furniture built? Nope. Will I be the one finishing both those things along with making and cleaning up from dinner? Yep. I just want to sit and relax tonight, but that won't happen because I need to finish painting. Then I need to clean up from the nice dinner I made for everyone before I had to go tutor. Today I also had to overhaul Grayson's room and then discovered that my rotten 8 year old had not folded the clothes last weekend, but SHOVED a bunch in the closet. So now tomorrow, after dropping Gray at school and going to the doctor, and picking Gray up from school I get to come home and reorganize the girl's room too. Gee, lucky me! I am guessing everyone will still want dinner too, and clean clothes and a clean house.

What did the hubby do today you ask. Well, he woke up, then took a nap, then ate, then finally patched the hole in the wall, then took Haven to riding. Not quite the same as what I did, and I really needed his help today, but I guess that isn't going to happen. So now I need to go get BACK in my painting clothes so I can finish the painting and the dishes before 8 o'clock when maybe I can finally sit down and write a paper. Thanks for all the damn help family!

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