Monday, May 25, 2009

Meal planning-Kelley style

It is no secret that the majority of our meals are made her at home by yours truly. It can get mundane to cook the same things, and there are items that are made in summer and not winter and vice versa. We have begun to hit the time of year that makes cooking fun for me again, the summer fresh food period! I love having to come up with something based on what the CSA has or what we grew. Although the season is just starting, we have had a few really nice meals from the CSA and our garden is not far behind in giving up some goods.

Here is what we got this week from the CSA:
Green Onions (Scallions )
Red Mustard Greens or Turnip Greens
Spinach / Chicory mix
Italian Parsley
Turnips or Carrots

Now tonight's menu was already planned, we are having burgers, corn on the cob, salad(last of last week's CSA) and watermelon.

Based on the stuff we got this week, this is what the menu is shaping up to be.

Tomorrow is homemade pasta with chicken, green onions, garlic and broccoli, salad, homemade bread.

Wednesday will be a pork roast, greens cooked with onions (I have some chinese cabbage that may jump in there too) and rice or noodles, homemade bread.

Thursday will be steak or a beef roast with the turnips/carrots, salad, and couscous, homemade bread.

Friday will be pizza since it is Haven's sleepover, but I MAY make it from scratch since it tastes so much better.

Now most of the meals this week are not the usual for us, but we like to eat what we have, and I have every single item on the list this week. Once summer is in full force, we get really creative with grilled veggies, and homemade pastas, pizzas topped with fresh greens and veggies, homemade salsas and a variety of new and different food combos.

Love eating locally!

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