Sunday, May 31, 2009

A blessed slow day

I decided today was a slow day, I needed it and the kids needed it. We did the dishes and vacuumed, but I left the laundry and only switched it to get it out of the washer. Dinner is looking to be tasty, I am taking the BBQ chicken, putting it inside puff pastry with a slice of cheddar cheese and sealing the pastry up. Since everything is cooked except the pastry, it should just heat through and get yummy. We will have a big salad of greens from the CSA with tomatoes, radishes and homemade croutons....yum! Dessert will be leftover cupcakes from the party.

I have also finally figured out a way to get enough water in. I struggle to drink enough each day, and now with the baby in my ribs, I am having a harder time. I found that I can drink really, really cold water best. What I have been doing is drinking a bottle of water and usually I only get halfway through before it is not cold enough. Now I take that bottle and throw it in the freezer. The next time, I grab a bottle that is half frozen and add the water, and I can keep it really cold for much longer. I have three or four of these bottles in rotation, and it seems to be working pretty well for me :)

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