Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How we eat

OK, I admit it, my kids are a little strange and enjoy eating different foods. They especially love really flavorful things and are huge fans of spicy food.

Today for lunch I offered Grayson a sandwich...he declined. So I kept offering different items until he finally settle on Matzo Brie. This is matzos that are soaked in hot water to soften them, then mixed with an egg and cooked in a pan with some butter and salt. It is a traditional Passover breakfast, but we keep matzo in the house year round since the kids love it and it makes a quick, easy and filling breakfast or lunch. In addition to his Matzo Brie he had oranges since his mother could never bear to feed her kids a meal that did not contain a fruit/veggie, protein and starch. This summer I will have loads of hummus and eggplant salads, cous cous and pasta salads all filled with spice and veggies that the kids love to eat for lunch. They enjoy eating hearty meals full of flavor.

I am getting ready to make the pasta for tonight's dinner, and homemade pasta really is not a difficult task and tastes so much better than store bought. I am also planning to use the CSA broccoli and green onions, along with with garlic and tomatoes to make the sauce. Chicken may or may not go in, I haven't decided, but i do know that a fresh loaf of bread will be served. Also on the agenda for tonight is an apple biscuit bake, so yummy and made with the apples we picked, peeled and canned.

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