Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The list never gets shorter!

It seems that it is taking so much more energy to get simple things done. Husband claims that I am doing MORE now since I am nesting and that is why it seems to take so long, but I am not sure about that! Today I had to adjust my plans to take Gray to the ped where he was naughty, then to the store, where he was naughty. Needless to say, by the time I rolled in at 12:30 I was already beat. Fed the little guy, did the dishes, graded an assignment and just put the last coat of paint on the walls in the family room, yes the room I have been painting for near TWO months! Now all that is left is to cut in around the door, ceiling and floor...maybe it will get done this afternoon.

When my girls get home today, they will be getting the weeds out of the lower garden so I can go in and weasel it. Tomorrow morning I am hoping the husband and I will get the tomato and cucumber plants in the ground, and the lettuce and spinach seeds planted and market. Then the whole garden will get fertilized with the new organic fertilizer I bought, as will the side garden, the berries and the herbs. I need to see things growing and I need to mark this off the list. The other huge task waiting for the husband this weekend is staining the new furniture for the family room. If he can get a coat on tomorrow and one Friday, we can move it in next week. That gives me time to clear things off the old furniture.

Finally we need to go berry picking. I think Friday is our best bet after the girls get home. We can run up, do an hour or two and get home. Then I can begin the canning on Saturday.

See, the list never gets shorter!

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