Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just like a mama bird

I think I am nesting, although I do get extra motivated each spring once PT school ends, so it may be a combination of the two. I have been in organize mode. We have barely any dirty laundry, maybe a load or two? We do have a big pile of kid's clothes to be folded, but the girls and I have been working on that yesterday and today we will finish. Winter clothes are put away, the baby's bassinet and swing are washed. and ready to be used. There have been no dishes in my sink for days on end, the house is clean and all that I need to do is the dresser switch. I think I will run and get the dresser and the drying rack on Tuesday so I an get moving on the clothing move and washing all of the unisex diapers. Today I need to grade a few papers this morning and then finally, yes FINALLY, get the painting done! I may or may not be able to do the ceiling today since the ceiling piece I have is not the one that goes on the pole, but if the walls get finished, we are almost there. I really need Ryan to stain the furniture this week so I can check this room off my list. I may take on painting my bathroom before the baby comes, we will have to see how well the nesting goes.

I ordered the last of the baby gear yesterday with the exception of the stroller which I am hoping my parents will get for my birthday. Aside from some odds and ends, we are ready for her. The crib will not go up until the end of summer to allow for guests to stay in that room...I need to get a new futon and don't need a crib for a few months anyway. The bassinet is heading to my room today, the pack and play is ready to be put up in the living room and I found a rack to hold the diapers downstairs. We are moving right along!

The other major thing going on is the cooking! I have been cooking up a storm and the family is loving it. I am happy to be home more, so I have time to try new things. Last week I made a beef, bean and veggie dish that was just lovely. Hearty and filling, and also super cheap, the family loved it! Last night was chicken on the grill, and tonight will be burgers, watermelon and pasta salad. Yeah for spring nesting!

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