Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Changing perspective

Oh how hard it is to change your view! I am moving rapidly into the mindset of families with many children...and as I am not even sure that this new addition will be our last (GASP) I see the changes we need made, and I am making them. Summer can be a challenge for lots of parents, but given our kids will need to deal with a very pregnant mom/new baby in the middle of summer, preparations are needed in advance. I have been slowly stocking up on summer play things for the kids to keep them occupied. They will have a pool, nothing fancy, but it will get them wet. We have new sand and new sand toys. I am loading up on water balloons, chalk, craft items, balls and frisbees. There is a new sprinkler planned. I am looking for anything that I can have for them to do around the house without them getting bored. I am also investigating local parks, lakes, and swimming holes. Maybe not this year, what will the birthing process and all, but next year for sure, they will need to have places to play. Ryan and I are taking them down to the big river the next warm day we have. If it goes well, that will give me a place to take them where they can dig in sand, play in water, eat a picnic lunch and generally have all around fun for zero dollars and a short ride.

I have also been scoping and securing baby deals as we cannot indulge in anything we want like with the first and second babes. I have my old pouch sling and just secured a new wrap style sling. We are loaded up on cloth diapers, and the girl has plenty of clothes. I found the bouncy seat and playmat I want, and will order them in the next few days. We even have bottles and pacifiers on hand. The big purchase that remains is the stroller and carseat, but I believe my parents are getting that for my birthday. I am finding, the more kids we have, that there are new and different ways to get things done...and I am enjoying the quest. I am also finding that you discover how much less you really need and the kids are happier. My kids will be overjoyed to have a houseful of summer fun things..throw in some playdates and they are set for the summer break. Not to mention we are taking a trip to see my parents at the lake house they rented...woohoo!

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