Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too tired to blog?

Oh man did Haven's sleepover wipe me out! I think all the girls had fun, they were loud giggle machines and stayed up too late, so I think they did. The girls came at 5 pm and I had prebaked some pizza crusts for them. They added their toppings, and they were a creative bunch, I baked the rest of the way and they enjoyed their personal pizza's with fruit salad (which they added jelly beans to-yuck) They played a bit, then painted the purses and everything else around them, played some more, ate cupcakes and Haven opened presents. We had promised a movie on PPV, but for some reason the box in th playroom didn't work and Comcast couldn't get it up and running. Then I remember the Redbox at the grocery store right by our house, hoped online, they had the movie, booked it and Ryan went and picked it $1.05 we ever spent! I think we will be using that Redbox more, movies are cheap and easy, and they sent me a free code! Great for rainy or snowy days. Tried to get the kids settled around midnight, all were asleep around 2 and up at 6:45! I slept in the family room, so I never really got any sleep.

Thankfully I made muffins last night and could just put them out this morning. After the girls left, I got some cleaning up done then ran to the store to return the movie and grab a few things. Home again to grade while the kids were napping, then a simple dinner of sausage, egg and cheese biscuits with canned apples.

Now I am dead tired. I need to finish loading the dishes, and then I am heading up to bed with the kids!

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