Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Grad and Parties

Oh I am getting overwhelmed. Gray had preschool graduation today, although he will be heading back there next year, so a bit anti-climatic

Then I had to run home for my conference call on which we covered the hours and hours of meetings I will be sitting in in three weeks in Pittsburgh, in addition to having to keep doing my job at the end of the session and do the work I have for my two classes I am taking. This just doesn't sound like fun, but it needs to get done and is the last big hurdle before the baby comes.

Haven has her sleepover on Friday, so I am trying to get the house in order, especially since I have basically torn it apart the last few weeks getting things organized. Tomorrow Ryan has been put on steam clean duty and I will finish gathering the supplies. I am sure I am making myself more crazy than I need to, but hey, that is who I am.

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