Monday, July 7, 2008

Wow wow wow

We have been a busy bunch over here.

Last night's dinner was a huge success, so much so that the kids had the leftover pizza for lunch!

We got up and at 'em early today and attacked the list of errands I had to do. We left before 9 am and hit up a grocery store, saw Dr. Tom, hit another grocer store, went to get the CSA and came home for lunch. Then back out for CVS and a treat for the kids for being so patient with the errands. I am really enjoying the new program I joined, I feel like I am saving a TON of money! I will try to list what we bought and what I spent a bit later when I have it all together.

In the midst of making lunch, I fielded another call from my mother-there was one last night as well. After the call, Emily really helped me see some things clearly, and understand that my mother doesn't know who I am because I made a choice to change my life drastically 10 years ago. She had a great suggestion that I write to my mom and give her an opportunity to get to know the person I am now, so that she and I don't fall into old patterns.

We are now home and a roast chicken is cooking for dinner. We had some beautiful fresh sage in the CSA today, so that is stuffed in the chicken. We also had cucumbers and carrots, the cukes will be in tonights salad, the carrots will be candied and I will make some stuffing. A nice home cooked meal to soothe the soul!

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