Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes you just get it right

OK, so lots of people swear by chores, and other don't, I don't care to debate. My kids are spoiled, they have everything they could ever want, they enjoy a large home with a million toys and they eat like kings. I feel they need to contribute, it is hard to keep up with a house with three kids, two jobs and school. The chore list is a dream come true!

The kids do their chores as asked, they get a check mark, and they know that once their father and I feel they have been consistent, they get a reward. All rewards will be family focused (we are big on being a team here) so it will be a family movie night or a trip out all together (daddy included). Some may say kids just need to do the chores and shouldn't be rewarded, but I feel that as long as the reward is a family event, it just builds more of a strong foundation.

Hooray for chores :)

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