Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This bakes my beans....

OK, there are lots of issues that I feel passionately about, but the one that makes me the most angry is in regards to human relationships. I never understood why anyone cared who sleeps with who. People get all bent out of shape about gays and lesbians, why do they care? People get all stressed and angry over open marriages and polygamy, hey if all partners are for it, why do you care? I am so sick of hearing all the biblical reasons why gays are wrong, bigamy is wrong, etc. Did anyone ever think that the people who are the so called "sinners" don't believe the same things or don't adhere to that bible. For me, it is like telling me that Aesop's fables said something was wrong, so the whole world should adhere!

Please people, let everyone go about their business as they want to. Be happy for those who find love and happiness, does it matter the gender? Does it matter that there are two wives instead of one? As long as everyone involved is happy, content, willing and of age, leave it be.

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