Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing home

I am happy we are visiting my parents, but I am missing home.

I never really enjoy being away, especially when it is just me and the kids. I miss my husband, and my own space. Part of being who I am is being in control, and whenever I am out of my element, I feel I lose some of that.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going out just the two of us, I am very happy that we will have time to spend together without fighting the kids to get a word in. Then on Friday we will try to find something fun for everyone to do, then we head home on Saturday afternoon.

The summer is running away on me, I get home and have only a month before it is back to PT school and the kids are back to their routines. As crazy as they can make me, I will miss them when summer is over.

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A Jersey Girl said...

You'll be home soon and to new beds:)