Friday, July 18, 2008

Liar Liar

Here is what happens in my house when you keep doing a crap job cleaning the playroom, I dump everything out and make you start at the beginning. Then, after hours of fighting, screaming, bitching and whining you tell me you are done. I walk in and the room is not clean, and you just haphazardly threw stuff in bins including trash, and you hid, YES HID, blocks behind the couch. What happens then is I dump everything out again and I clean the room the right way, and I vacuum and dust and I BAN you from using the playroom.

Both my girls are banned from using the playroom for one week. We decided that we are nice enough to give them one of the largest common rooms in the house for toys, their computer and their tv, and they just keep abusing it. So now they can't use the room, only Grayson can.

They don't even seem to care.

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