Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Readjusting the plan

So we got a late start, Britt, Gray and I slept until 8:30, and Haven just got up at 9. It is already raining, so my plans to do the garden this morning are already put on the back burner. Maybe this afternoon it will clear and not be too hot, and I can finally get the peas planted and the weeds pulled!

I am anxiously awaiting a new shipment of coffee, and it should be here today! I am very excited as I have had to drink the crummy coffee, and I miss my good stuff.

If I can get moving, I may get the bread dough going before my call, but I also need to move the clean laundry out and get laundry pushed through. Lots of laundry to do, a paper to write, bread to bake and homemade sauce to make for tonight's dinner. It will be a long and productive day.

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