Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's no good

to wake up and feel just as crappy, if not crappier than you did at bedtime. This thing is kicking my rear, and since I had pneumonia two years ago, I don't think I have felt this bad. Ah well, the world doesn't stop for me.

Today Britt has a playdate scheduled and she is very excited. They will be tie dying and swimming, so she is very anxious for 11 o clock to come. While she is at her playdate, the other kids and I will be here doing some chores. My plan includes some laundry, dishes, vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. The kids have been doing their new chore list for a few days, and while they aren't perfect, it has helped keep the house picked up and at least one room a day they work on dusting, etc. This morning it is the dining room, so the table and chairs will get a good cleaning, and the windows will be wiped. The floor gets vacuumed and I will give it a mop.

After picking Britt up after her playdate, we are off to the farm, then to see Dr Tom, maybe he can help move this sickness out of my chest.

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