Saturday, July 5, 2008

We need to get organized

I have a lot of projects looming, and I am watching summer run away with us. The first big project is to organize the house. I think I will splurge on a desk for the girls, plus we need to move the girls into Brittan's old room, which means lots of taking apart and putting together of beds. I need to paint my bathroom and put in a new floor, thankfully I found a cute shower curtain here

The bathroom is an odd shape and the shower is small, so I am going for the bold curtain to jazz the room up a bit. I am guessing I will paint the room sage, although I may use a contrasting color in one area that is like a small alcove. The best part about having a teeny tiny shower is that you can cut the curtain in half and use the other half to make matching curtains!

Following the girl's room, general organization and the bathroom, I MUST paint the kitchen cabinets. That can wait until later in summer, but it is a huge job and I need to find new hinges to match the hardware, so it will be quite the task!

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