Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watch me flounder

So, anyone who thinks I breeze through life, baking bread, writing papers, shepherding children, I am sorry to tell you that I don't. Right now I am in a drowning stage, they hit from time to time. I have a lot of stress over the economy, both the world's and my own. I also have a lot going on with work, plus school is busy and I have to get ready for heading back to PT school and the kids going back as well. In addition, the house is just tough to keep up with. With all the kids home, that means way more dishes, more laundry and more messes. I feel like I am spending all of my time picking up after them, that I cannot get to the big tasks I have looming. Laundry is always an issue, plus moving the girls room will be a beast. I need to regrout the kitchen counters, plus get ready for my parents visit and the work we will be doing then in August. Add in that I need to pack, tomorrow is Brittan's birthday, and that I have two faculty calls!

So tomorrow Haven has riding at 9:30, we need to take Brittan to lunch for her birthday at 11, I have a call at 1:30, then another at 9. Add in that I have to do my regular work, and well, it is a crazy day!

Today I will finish my conference call and take the kids to the pool. I need to get home by 4 so I can make dinner, then write a paper and run out to pick up Britt's birthday present.

I need a break!

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