Sunday, July 27, 2008


We have learned alot this year through our garden. We discovered that the side garden works great as long as it doesn't wash out. Next year it will be framed and used for winter squash and pumpkins. We found that some plants are resilent, as is seen by the lone surviving cucumber plant that has grown to an immense size and is getting ready to bombard us with cukes. We found a watermelon growing today, and our beans continue to surprise us despite the late start. Carrots will be ready soon and we should have bushels of tasty tomatoes to enjoy.

Next year I plan to try corn, even though we have alot of shade, I am confident it will work. After a winter of composting, and hopefully the addition of manure-chicken and horse, the garden soil next year will be much better. We also must get on having the next garden tier added, I want to begin the planning early this year.

We are enjoying the fruits of our labor, and know that it will only get better in years to come!

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