Sunday, July 20, 2008

Revisiting the slave labor idea

So, we got the inside of the car cleaned out, wiped down and vacuumed. The kids were not so keen on the helping thing, so we never did wash the outside. I am thinking of enticing them later with promises of getting soaking wet and bribing with a popsicle when they are done. I really don't want to have to go to the car wash.

Tonight we will have a nice homemade dinner, I have been sort of slacking off the last few days cooking quick meals like tacos. I will grill up some chicken breasts, and I am planning to back bread. We have a ton of beautiful greens, and I might even have a few tomatoes hiding in the garden, so we will have a grilled chicken salad with homemade bread. MMMMM!

Oh and did I mention that my sister got me a new canning book and a subscription to Mother Earth News? We love that magazine, and now each month we can keep planning our next house which we plan to build on loads of land as eco friendly as possible!

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