Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have been crabby

So, the last few days I have been crabby with the husband and kids. Although much of the crabbiness has come as a direct result of the husband and kids, I have decided enough is enough. So they screwed up and made extra work for me. So I am really tired now and feeling overwhelmed. Now I need to focus on moving forward. I had the kids help me make the bread, they each had jobs to so an seemed to enjoy being part of the process. I still need to make dinner tonight, switch laundry, fold laundry, pack for the kids, run a few errands and work. The kids are watching a movie, so I will get some work done now. In a bit, they will gather what they can to be packed and I will marinate the chicken and shape the bread. Then I can switch laundry and finish packing what is needed, and I can run errands while they eat dinner. I know it is going to be another long day, and tomorrow looks to be the same, but that is life. I am now going to try very hard to not be crabby.

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