Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shopping with monkeys

OK, so we made it out and back. I cannot say it went perfectly or that everyone was well behaved. Gray was just terrible in all three store, I think he is just at the age where if something (shopping) is boring, he will do whatever he needs to entertain himself, although it gets him in trouble. I had one small mishap at Rite Aid, I bought 2 too many dish detergents for the coupons I had, so I actually had to PAY something. No biggie, I will just go back and return those tomorrow.

Here is the tally:
Rite Aid
2 loreal vive shampoo-FREE
2 loreal vive conditioner-FREE
1 electrasol gel pacs-paid .75 for one and will get $2.00 rebate (yes, they PAID me 1.25)
1 electrasol jet ball-same deal as above, and yes they paid me again.
4 nutra air -All FREE

Total original cost of products: $40.96 Total out of pocket was $8.86, but when I return to two mistaken products it will be about $2.00. Plus I will get 2 $2.00 rebates, I made money on this one!!

This was a bit harder
4 various boxes of General Mills cereal
2 packages of butter
1 big thing of bleach
2 packs of sandwich meat
small sour cream
1 all natural dog food (7 lb bag)
1 HUGE 38 lb thing of litter
2 new coupon files to save my sanity

Normal cost (some estimates as it isn't on the reciept)
$60.33, I paid $39.98-not too shabby, not fantastic either (saved 34%)

6 yogurts
2 pkgs tortilla
1 hard shell taco
2 taco seasoning
2 orangeade/lemonade
2 brownie mix
1 1/2 lbs of american cheese (they eat ALOT of cheese)
1/2 lb salami
2 boxes all natural juice pops
1 package of bone in chicken breast

should have cost:$54.20
Did cost $ 31.75 (41% savinggs)

Spent $73.73
Should have cost $155.49

Saved 53%


A Jersey Girl said...

That is awesome! You are really saving a ton!

Anonymous said...

How much gas did you burn and time did you invest versus buying it all at one store?