Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One tired mama

We were busy today, especially given the lack of sleep :)

Went to Rite Aid, they were out of what I wanted, got a raincheck. Also got the kids water bottles that have the frozen thingy in them for the trip to my parents. They are pretty small, which will help me monitor the fluid going in, and the potty breaks. I will bring some extra water with me for refills as needed.

Nest we went and had lunch with Em and the kids. My two were demons, but they had my soup and I was very excited about that! Then Em offered to drive to the farm, I am not sure she knew what she was getting into. Not only did Gray whine most of the time, but I gave her a hard time about recycling. I promise I am tired and I was just trying to understand and sometimes I am not so good at it!

Then I stopped by Dr. Tom's and am here to tell everyone, that if you are ever here, and you need a chiropractor, he's your guy!

Now I am home, I did a little work and I am about to switch laundry and vacuum. I have school work to do, and the kids are just having and egg and ham scramble for dinner, easy peasy.

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