Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Smoke alarm

So I needed to roast some more coffee, and got out one I haven't used before and boy oh boy did it smoke!!!

I had to open all the windows and use a fan to blow the smoke out. Then the kids and I went and tended to the garden, picked a few tomatoes and a cuke and saw the first zucchini of the season growing :) The tomato plants out back are full of fruit, so once they ripen we will have lots of tomatoes to can and freeze. Our watermelon is growing well, still no pumpkins on the enormous vines, but lots of flowers, cukes are going well and the carrots will be harvested in a few weeks.

After tending the garden, we came back inside and I roasted another batch of coffee. I was more gentle this time, and there was not nearly as much smoke.

I have my work call at 11, and while on the call I am going to be getting my beans ready for pickling. It takes a long time for the water to boil in the canner, so that will be set up, the jars will run through the dishwasher to be sterilized and heated, the beans cuts, and the garlic and dill prepped for the jars. We are using fresh dill (local), fresh garlic (csa/local), beans (local) and the brine is made with red pepper, mustard seed, vinegar, etc.

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