Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bounced out!

We had a great time at the indoor bounce house place. There were almost no other people there when we arrived, so the kids got to run from bounce house to bounce house and check everything out. There were 3 large and 1 smaller bouncies, plus a whole play kitchen/store area, Foosball, a mini train for little kids, and airplane balancer, ball pit and more. Each kid found something they really liked, and everyone bounced and bounced and bounced. The best part was that there were no husbands, so my sister and I actually had a chance to talk to each other. We don't have a lot in common, but sometimes it is really nice to chat and catch up!

After the bounce place, we headed over to Friendly's for lunch and ice cream. The kids were really great, everyone was starving so they ate all of their lunch and all of their ice cream!

Then we came home and the kids and I are so sleepy. They are happy watching a movie in the family room, and I am trying to get some work done. If all goes well, they will fall asleep early and I can write my paper and get to bed early myself. The bounce place will be my winter secret weapon for when Grayson is tired of being trapped inside and needs to burn off some energy!

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