Monday, July 14, 2008

Big bursts of energy!

So I decided to get a few things done. First I went through my CVS list and found a bunch of stuff for cheap that I can stock up on, I will make that run tonight after dinner. I also found a few more coupons for Rite Aid for the free things, so tomorrow before Carlos I will stop in there too. I then decided to clean the downstairs, vacuumed the whole thing, had the kids make the playroom presentable, cleaned a few walls (if you have kids and animals, you understand the need for this), did dishers, prepped dinner and so on. I feel much better, I always hate when Ryan comes home or wakes up to a crazy messy house.

Now I just need to finish dinner, the squash and onions are cooking (all CSA), the chicken and baked beans are baking and the coleslaw is sitting in the fridge getting yummy. Mostly I am just happy it is all almost made :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gal,
This is my first chance to see your new template! It looks great! Your posts always make me so hungry. Makes me wish I could be one of the "tribe" sometimes.