Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day in and day out

We had a productive, yet quiet, day. I got a lot done around the house, made the family a nice dinner of lime/basil shrimp and rice, baked and iced a chocolate layer cake and ran a quick errand to get dog food. I also picked up two extra newspapers (Sunday) so I could get a jump on cutting coupons. I told Ryan that I am enjoying the quiet time, cutting and organizing, and he said that he could see how the repetitive action could be pretty zen to me. He is right, not only do I enjoy saving the money, I also enjoy the time I spend just cutting and organizing. Funny what different people find calming!

Tomorrow I fear we will need to venture out, I need to go to the pet store and Target, Monday is CSA pick up and grocery store runs (although those may happen while the family eats dinner) and Tuesday is farm day. I so enjoy our schedule.

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