Sunday, July 6, 2008

A better morning

Well, it isn't bright and shiny, the weather is still a bit gloomy, but again I am not having to water the garden.

The kids slept in a bit, and woke up in good moods. I am not in as much of a funk, I got some decent sleep and terrific cuddles first thing this morning, so that helped.

I just joined one of those grocery sites where you get a list of sales, coupons, etc for your local store. I don't get too much at the grocery, but enough that I feel the pinch of the high prices. Let's face it, it may not hurt much buying laundry detergent for one or two people, but for a family of five with a huge dog and three cats, I need to buy the good stuff on sale :)

I have tried coupons before and found them frustrating, so I hope this will keep me organized. Yes I do know it is odd to be so excited about grocery prices, but I am looking to save where ever I can!

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