Sunday, July 20, 2008

The sad affair that is our garden

We knew this year wouldn't be the best, mostly because we were trying some new things, and out garden was brand new and the soil was iffy. We built the large two tiered structure in the spring and tried to amend the soil, but it just wasn't enough. We have gotten some lettuce, green beans and snow peas. The tomatoes in the back are HUGE, and in the next few weeks I should have a ton of tomatoes to freeze and can. The squash and zucchini plants are big and full of flowers, but still not fruit :( My lone pepper plant has two peppers about ready to pick, and the one cucumber plant to make it through the floods looks like it will make up for the ones we lost, although we won't have any pickling cukes. I also have carrots that are doing well back there The side garden that suffered the big washout in the spring is redeeming itself. The pumpkins are taking over, and the sweet potatoes seem to be doing OK as well.

For next year, I have my eye on an area for corn. The side garden will get a frame around it to protect it from washouts and will house only pumpkins and winter squashes. We want to add one more tier to the back gardens, the lowest tier will have lettuce, carrots and potatoes. The middle tier will have cukes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini/yellow squash, the top tier will house the tomatoes and beans, hopefully on arches.

We have a ton of compost for fall, and will till the current gardens in preparation for winter. If we can swing the cost, we will have the low garden built late fall so the soil can be amended through the winter, giving us a better chance to get results in spring. Ah the joys of gardening :)

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