Sunday, July 20, 2008

Times are tight, so use slave labor

Everyone can agree that the economy stinks and most people I know are trying to stretch a buck. We leave on Tuesday to head to NC and the car is a wreck, it needs a good vacuum and washing before we leave. Normally I would empty the car and take it to car wash and spend $20 to have it cleaned. I decided today that I have three little worker bees who make the mess, so they are going to help me clean. Tomorrow morning after breakfast, we will head out and clean the car out before it gets hot. Then they can help me vacuum and wipe the interior and the windows. Then we can make a big bucket of soapy water and wash the car the old fashioned way!

The best part is, the sponges, soap and interior cleaner cost me less than a single wash, and I can get about 30 washes out of them.

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